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Welcome to Staircase Tattoo!

Here you will find additional information about all of your Hoardsayer needs all the way from the beginning!

What is that you may ask? Well I’m glad you asked.

Not really, but let’s pretend as if it were true!

I’m blue if I were green I would fry, if i were green I would fry if I were green I would fry.

Thats the commonality between us all and the common denominator if you really thnk about it.

The problem is, most people don’t really think about it and then are left in the dust when it comes to everything they wish they had but werent able to afford when they were younger.

You see, I started in my business journey a long time ago and never knew the power of true marketing online until I finally got up and admitted it.

But thats enough about me, please tell me about you!

I’d love to know your history and see whats going on in the wold down under.


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